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Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory
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Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Arielle!!

You will officially be 15 on October 14th!!!

I cannot believe how fast times flys and my first born is 15 and in high school.

You are the reason I became a mom for the first time.

Thank you...for being such a great big sister to Sierra...I know she is looking down with pride wishing her big sister a very happy birthday. Probably not singing "Happy Birthday To You" since she disliked that song for unknown reasons but definitely happy for you on your day and loving you more and more each day.

You were only 12 when Sierra was diagnosed with Leukemia. You and Dano had to be without me so much and though I know it couldn't be helped and I know you still bothers me. It bothers me how much cancer took away from us...the plans...the outings...the being together...and of course the worst of all...your sister had to find her healing in Heaven.

I know you miss her and I know you don't want to discuss your feelings about it but I know you're hurt.

I also know that you know she is in a better place and one day we will see her again...and we will.

You are my baby, my girl, my daughter, my friend. Daddy says you and I are identical in personality...and that is okay. We speak each others language and we know what to expect from each other. I love hanging around you, I love how you confide in me, and most of all I love you. When God gave me you...he gave me a bff...that really is forever.

Thank you...for being there for me. Thank you for the butterfly necklace you got me. Thank you, for being you.

When you were born...this was daddy's song for you above this post. I hope you enjoy it. We love you!!!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...


the original Awareness Warrior said...

Happy birthday Arielle!!! <:p (smiley face with a birthday hat! LOL)

It's hard being the sibling of a sick child...I see the effects of it on my brother every day, and constantly feel guilty about it. I can't begin to imagine being sister to someone who fought...and died trying to beat cancer (or anything for that matter). In one word, it sucks...and it hurts, turns everything upside down and you're never "normal" again (but hey, like I say, normal is waayyy too boring!)
But anyways, the point is, it takes a lot, and I know you've been through quite a lot. Happy birthday and enjoy a day all about YOU! =D

Alex <3

Natalie Willis said...

We hope you have a wonderful birthday, sweetie!! You deserve a great day full of laughter, love and smiles! Happy 15th!!

Mary Lynn, Let me know how the whole learners permit thing goes!! I am right on your heels with that. YIKES!

Love you guys!

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