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Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory

Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory
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Thursday, December 11, 2008


What is it about Christmas that makes you reflect on the past? If you don't do it than you may be in the minority because I think it is part of the territory. My kids are doing that now and it is definitely because of Sierra. Dano was telling me how last Christmas was the best Christmas ever for him and Arielle agrees. We have to go on and make new Christmas memories but our hearts will always ache for the one who cannot physically spend it with us.

Growing up on Long Island...Christmas was big in every way imaginable. Parents, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, girlfriends or boyfriends of different family members, great aunts, great uncles...yup big and noisy...and I loved every minute of it. Lots of food, presents, laughter, drunk uncles that gave us money (that was awesome), music and dancing. I miss those times and as many people do...I appreciate it more now than I ever did. We didn't wait till Christmas morning to open our gifts...nope that was done after Midnight mass or if we didn't go...sooner. My mom got a little scroogy as I got older (didn't want a tree - grinch) she got tired of a big Christmas tree and one time bought a 12 inch tree, decorated it with little decorations and put it on top of the tv. The nerve!!! I was so mad at her...but that was the year she bought me a Derry Daring (like the Evel Knievel doll) in a pink outfit and helmet. I think the motorcycle she rode was pink to. I wonder if she is on Ebay (need to check it out). Anyway...the Derry Daring doll was one gift I wanted so I forgave her. kids in the house but that tree goes up and she even handmade the decorations...all for the grandkids...whatever mom!! My family didn't have 'traditions' except for very loud partying and dancing (maybe that is the tradition) I figured after getting married that once we have kids...we need to start a tradition. The kids now...are used to the traditions. We don't have many but here is what we do: first no opening gifts till Christmas morning (hopefully 10am but well that is when I wish it would happen) and before we open the gifts we have a birthday cake for Jesus with a candle on it and sing "Happy Birthday, Jesus." I thought I made up this tradition but have since found out that many families do that. My pastor's family do this but with a red velvet cake and white frosting (which I do now) to symbolize his blood washes our sins white as snow. Pretty awesome, huh?!! We also take the kids to see the lights on Christmas Eve on our way home from my husband's cousin's house. This year...we will do the cake but will be spending Christmas in Orlando...with my family. I don't know when I will be able to spend Christmas Eve and morning at home...I may be able to next year but right way. I don't have much of the Christmas spirit this year but I am thankful to God for the awesome gift he gave us in his son Jesus...who died on the cross so that we may live. No gift can top that and because of that gift...that sacrifice...Sierra is now living eternity with her creator. How amazing is that?!! It does bring me comfort and I know I will see her again one day.

God bless you all and remember through all this busyness that Jesus is the reason...he died for us to take away our sins so that we can live. If you haven't given your heart to Jesus...just pray. He loves you.
PS...Thank you to all that have been donating to Sierra's is going pretty good. I plan to do a more personal thank you on the blog shortly but in the meantime...thank you so so much!!!


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