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Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory

Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Awesome Baby Girl

You may be wondering why is there a picture of Mr. Clean on this post? From time to time (maybe once a week or so, haven't decided yet), I want to post about the things that Sierra loved and give you an idea of how amazing she is (sorry, I hate to say was besides she is alive in Heaven). Today, I wanted to write about one of her favorite things and yes one of them was Mr. Clean. Not sure why or how it started but she loved him. I am not sure if it was the bald thing (he is bald, she was bald). Okay, really wierd as I am typing this a Mr. Clean commercial just came on, LOL!!). Everytime a Mr. Clean commercial came on she would run to the tv and shout "Mom, Mr. Clean!!!." She got so super-excited. I found out through Mary Ann from the Children's Cancer Center that there is a Mr. Clean doll. She saw it and tried to buy it at (I think) an antique store but the man wouldn't budge. I did some digging on Ebay, found one and bought it. Her expression was priceless, she was so happy to have received her own Mr. Clean doll. He is as big as the old GI Joe, all plastic (even his clothes) and of course all hers!!. When the Children's Cancer Center had their annual fall festival, I figured I would dress Sierra up as Mrs. Clean. She wore a veil, had a white tshirt that said Mrs. Clean, white capris, white sneakers and a bouquet of feather dusters wrapped in tulle, of course her groom Mr. Clean was in her hand. She looked so cute and won the costume contest at the festival. Yeah, Mr. Clean was special to her and one of the many many reasons Sierra was unique and of course amazing!!!

I will of course have more to share about different moments and different times. I now know this one was meant to be shared as the commercial for Mr. Clean (magic eraser) came on just as I started blogging about it. I still have this doll and will treasure it always.

My weekend was good and of course spent with some very special friends in my life. I hope all of you had a great weekend and of course have a wonderful Monday!!


Anissa Mayhew said...

It was so good to be with you this weekend. I have missed you so much and it reminds me that when we are together, we are still family. Always. Besides, you may be the only person I've ever known who had a SONG for ever word in the English language. BTW, I just defrosted from that hotel room..jeez!

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