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Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory

Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory
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Sunday, August 10, 2008

School Shopping, UGH!!!!

I have been shopping for school supplies since July. A little frustrating and I am only getting the basics because the kids will actually get a list from each of their teachers on the first day of school. I stocked up on the stuff that turns out to be like finding a WII at Christmas Time. You know what I mean: composition notebooks, 3 prong folders and the 3 ring binders. I don't remember back to school being this much of a chore for my mom. Tomorrow is my son's open house and I will probably have more info on what he needs for each class and then open my wallet to pay for the agenda, team shirt, PTSA membership (I never go but feel so very obligated to join), etc. By the time we are done I have spent $15-30. From there I will probably end up going to the store to stock up on the rest of the things he needs, plus new laces for a couple of sneakers he owns. He doesn't care if his sneakers become untied and ends up fraying his laces. On Thursday night is Arielle's Open House and she cannot wait to go. High School!!! How did that happen?!!! I wish that middle and high school was like elementary school where they have to wear uniforms and all I needed to worry was how cool the sneakers were that they are wearing. Nope, so we ended up buying all sorts of name brand stuff (I cringed everytime the cashier was ringing each item) but I don't think we did too bad and spent too much of Dad's hard earned money. So, we spent yesterday and today doing all this shopping for them. Today, Dano opted to stay home (he hates shopping for clothes with a passion) for him the pet store is the only store he likes to venture and spend time in or Electronics Boutique. So, Arielle and I ventured out and spent 4 hours at the stores. She ends up telling me how exhausted she is and just wants to go home. She's exhausted....what about me?!! Not only am I exhausted but so is my wallet!!!! I do tend to spoil them though I won't tell them. They have had a rough couple of years to with Sierra being sick and passing away and all, so I do my best to make sure they are happy. Right now, they are laughing upstairs. I love it and I thank God that despite it all, we have our moments where we can laugh. Thank you God for those moments.

Sierra, it is so hard not buying supplies and clothes for you. It is so hard to see things that I would have bought you. I saw a pink plastic pencil box and fought back the tears. I miss you baby girl and I will miss you for the rest of my life. We all will.


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