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Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory

Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory
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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Did You Take A Stand?

Last nite was the Stand Up To Cancer special. It was pretty good and I was so happy that they did include the kids (I thought they were not going to do that). I gave in Sierra's memory. I pray that this special does something to make a difference. Cancer has been around for far too long and though survival rates are up to me there are still way too many diagnoses, relapses and deaths. Way too many. So, I hope this show makes the much needed difference and that they will give a big portion of the proceeds to the kids. I am tired of going to funeral services for children who should still be here. Cancer took away their childhood and in the end their lives. The ones that do survive have to live with the fact that the cancer or a different type of cancer can come back. They have to live with the memory of when they should have been outside playing with their friends, they were spending time in a clinic getting poison pumped into their bodies. It sucks!!! If you didn't give please do so for the kids, they deserve this. Don't forget September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month - don't forget these precious young warriors who are in Heaven, who are fighting and who are praying that they will stay cancer free. Please do it for the kids.


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