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Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory

Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory
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Thursday, September 4, 2008

About Sierra

I am feeling much better though not 100%, I would say I am 85% better. Thank you God!! I had posted about Sierra's love for Mr. Clean the last time so today I wanted to write about her love for towels. This love for holding towels (and it could be wipes or paper towels but towels provided the most comfort) started around the time the chemo started. Sierra would not leave the house without a towel and sometimes would color coordinate it to whatever she was wearing. Dr. Wynn, I heard, thought I matched her hand towels with her outfit but it was all her. She loved holding them, slept with them and sometimes would want to hold 4 or 5 of them. When we would go out, I would make her put a few back and told her she could only take one. She would get really mad at me but forgave me once she got in the car and one of her favorite songs came on the radio. It's funny and quite a blessing to me when we spotted a hand towel at the zoo and at Niagara Falls. I hope to see more. Of course, there are still hand towels in her drawer. I just want to hold on to them. They were a big part of her life and now a big part of mine. Man, do I miss my baby girl. Today, I have shed many tears but I do feel a peace and know God is with me. Thank you for all your prayers for all of us, please keep them coming. Of course, keep the Gliddons, Jimmy's family, the Potterbaums and baby Kaylies family in your prayers and of course all of the warriors currently in this battle. God bless you all!!


Kelsey S said...

I am so sorry for your tremendous loss!


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