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Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory
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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thanks For The Prayers

I survived looking for a Homecoming dress. I did and I owe all of you a BIG thank you for the prayers!!. God answered!!.

I decided to try Dillard's by us and as usual Dillard's did not let us down. We put two dresses on hold and proceeded to see what Macy's had. Macy's didn't have a big selection. Arielle tried on a black & white dress that had sequins on the white part. I loved the dress but she really didn't want a black dress. She wanted a yellow one. So, back to Dillard's to figure out if she should get the yellow one with gold sequins (which I hated) or the blue one with the silver sequins (which I found). Thankfully, she picked the blue one with the silver sequins and we bought her her first pair of high heels in silver. She is not an expert in walking in heels so she has been practicing walking around the house in them, she even walks in them on the treadmill!!. We still have to get earrings and possibly a clutch. Our hairdresser will style her hair that day, her friend's sister is doing her makeup and I am taking her for a manicure/pedicure. The dress is really pretty and looks good on her. Danny, well he is pretty sad at how fast his little girl is growing up but most daddys go through this so he will survive. She is going with a bunch of friends and is pretty psyched about it. The dance is on October 17th. I already had plans for that weekend to go see my friend Gabrielle and her family but I had to cancel them for Arielle. I can always reschedule this night is pretty important to Arielle and with the year we have had she deserves it.
I would post a pic of the dress but she wants to wait until the day of the dance. So stay tuned....


Natalie Willis said...

I am sure she will look absolutely STUNNING! Have a great time Ariel!
Love you all!

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