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Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory

Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory
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Monday, September 29, 2008

The End Of September

As September is coming to a close, so is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Again, me and many parents think...maybe next year our kids will be recognized. Maybe next year...the talk shows will talk about it. Maybe next year...the news shows will discuss it. Maybe next year...maybe. We hold on to hope because that is what keeps us going. Hope for awareness...hope for funding...hope for a cure.

Do It For the Kids
"There is no more we can do"

The doctor said this as I cried.
I couldn't believe the words.

"You mean, my baby is going to die?"

"I'm sorry" said the doctor.

"She's too weak and we've done all we can"

My heart stopped beating as I said "Please...

there must be something" as I took his hand.

"There must be something else...

something else that we can try"

It has happened in many cases

Don't give up...never say die"

I saw by his face...he felt all my pain.

In my spirit I knew but it hurt so much

To have to say "see you soon"

and not know again when our hands will touch.

I looked at her...with all those machines.

Fully sedated...she just laid there.

I whispered "I love you"

As I played with her hair.

When we spoked to her...

Her oxygen would go high...

I knew she heard us...

She heard me cry.

My family is broken...

Without her smile and grace...

In my thoughts I see her...

Her smile and beautiful face.

So kids don't die from cancer?

And childhood cancer is rare?

Just look at my story...

Don't look away...don't you dare.

You see, my child was one of many

Who got cancer and died.

These warriors fought a battle...

To beat it they tried.

But, they won their battle

In Heaven they live.

There are still more children.

We ask you to give.

Be an advocate...Be a voice.

Let no more die of this disease.

Give to the cause...give for the kids.

Please do it for the warriors...please.

(copyright 2008 all rights reserved)


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