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Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory

Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory
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Monday, October 6, 2008

How Was Your Weekend?

I haven't posted in a while, not much to post about. The weekend was spent clearing out Sierra's room a bit. It doesn't look like I did much but she had a lot of stuff. I figured I may do a garage sale and give the proceeds to one or all of our local charities that help kids and families of pediatric cancer. It was tough and I shed many tears but I did what I could. I would love to keep all her stuff but it just wouldn't make any sense. I am keeping a lot though. We have to do things when we are ready, not rush ourselves and do what we can. So, I am doing what I can.

There is so much inside of me that I want to write about and say but in time I guess when I know how to put it all into words. I try and take things day by day and moment by moment thats all you can do. She is definitely is and always will be a big part of our lives, always present in our hearts, mind and souls. As I looked at her things, I would stare and even smell them. Wierd, I guess because really all her things were washed and nothing has her scent.

As Christmas is approaching, I need to get things started for "Sierra's Stocking." I will give more details as to where to send any donations as soon as I get everything sorted out. For those of you who do not know about it...well being that I still want to put up her stocking at Christmas and I don't want to see it empty as I fill up Arielle's and Dano's stocking, I thought of doing "Sierra's Stocking." It is not an original idea as Amazing Jacob's mom does this every year in Jacob's memory. So, here is the plan. My family was very blessed by many local charities in our community. So, I want to fill up "Sierra's Stocking" with donations of gift cards (to go to Giving Hope Through Faith, or things you fill up a stocking with for boys and girls of all ages (teens included) this can go to the clinic where Sierra was treated at Dr. Tebbi, Wynn, Russbach & Obzut. Any donation no matter how big or small will be greatly appreciated. All will be done in Sierra's memory and I know she will be so happy about it. So, please think about giving no amount is too small and all will go to a wonderful cause in the memory of a wonderful little girl.

As soon as I have all the details worked out, I will let you know.

Well, that is all for now.

God bless you all!!

Sierra, momma is sending you lots of hugs and kisses baby girl. We love you!!


Susan said...


This is my first time to your beautiful blog. I was so sad to read about your precious Sierra.

My son is a cancer survior, my heart aches for those who are longing for their children.

She truly was an angel sent to such a special family. One day I'll get to meet her in Heaven.


Mum said...

I think 'Sierra's Stocking' is a great idea and I know Scott would like to be able to contribute.

We miss you both so much.

the original Awareness Warrior said...

I know an organization which makes hand made cards for kids, maybe they could make some cards to enclose the gift cards in? Let me know and I'll give you their web address...I'm sure she'd be happy to make some cards for "Sierra's Stocking"!

Unfortunately we can't afford to donate anything, except our prayers, as we need to save all our extra money and find a way $10k+ to get out of an emotionally abusive situation with my father, but I can maybe make a graphic about Sierra's Stocking and post it around myspace for you? And maybe you could even print them out and ask if it's okay to leave some at your local mall, resturants, etc. Let me know what you think and I'll get on it! =)


Anissa Mayhew said...

The holiday season is coming quickly and I know that it's going to be hard. You're doing an awesome thing with Sierra's Stocking, in your love and her memory.

I'm still here for you, anytime and anyway.


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