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Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory

Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory
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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beautiful Tribute

One of my and Sierra's caringbridge friends Sinjin and his mom Lorna ( made a beautiful video in tribute to the warriors who won their cancer battle in Heaven. I am so honored they included Sierra.
Sinjin, you keep kicking the can out of cancer. You can do it, you are doing it. You are an inspiration and a hero.
Thank you so much!!

Maybe next year our kids will get the awareness they so deserve.

God bless you all!!!


the original Awareness Warrior said...

Hello. My name is Alexandra. I'm 13 years old and I have a rare disease. I am a fighter and advocate for all kids, no matter the illness. I run a foundation, an organization and a fundraiser for kids.

Anyways, I learned of Sierra a long while back, but (oops) lost the url. Then I heard of her passing and made her a picture, though I still didn't have the url to give it to you. Today one of my dear friends found the address for me, and here I am! I'm subscribing to your blog and I promise I won't lose your web address this time!

You can find Sierra's picture at

I was very new at graphics when I made it, so it's not my best, but I hope to make more for you soon.

I'm so sorry for your loss and heaven's gain. Kids shouldn't have to suffer. I can tell from reading about Sierra and looking at her pictures that she was an amazing child. I keep up with many children through the internet, and it doesn't matter how many of them pass away, it still is horrible, it still hurts, and it never stops making me M.A.D....I can't stand to see all the suffering and not do something to make it stop...It's my mission to M.ake A. D.ifference!

I hope you like the picture and I hope to hear from you soon!


(the below are my mom's, but you can reach me there as well)

We have many other web addresses for my charity work/etc, but those are the ones you're most likely to reach me at the fastest.

the original Awareness Warrior said...

Thanks for the comment! I am blessed to be able to "know" Sierra!

Here are two different links, hopefully one will work-

I hope these work!

hmmm, blogger should really get a messaging system, shouldn't they?

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