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Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory

Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory
Thank you Mrs. Ray, Sierra's classmates & Valrico Elementary

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More About Sierra

Do you remember the character on the Tiny Toons Cartoons named Elmyra Duff? If not by name maybe by what she was known for, she was the little girl who loved animals sooo much that she didn't realize her hugging and squeezing was actually quite painful to the animal. She would say "I want to love him, I want to squeeze him." The animal never hurt her but definitely wanted to get away from her due to all the "lovin" she gave.

I am sure that is how our dog Rocco would remember Sierra. Sierra loved her "Wocko" very much. Her hugs and squeezes hurt him but he would never hurt her. His eyes would bulge out even more than they normally are but he let her do it.

Sierra loved dogs and her own was her favorite. I would say her second favorite was Gracie the therapy dog from the hospital and of course Benjie the other therapy dog. I am not sure why she didn't care too much for the bunnies. I guess she was more of a dog person...oh and the occasional cats...which worried me more because I was afraid she would get scratched. The neighbors cat almost did that to her...thank god Shadow was declawed and could not hurt her.

Rocco misses you baby girl...there are times he goes into your room and sniffs for you. I am sure you are giving him hugs and squeezes from Heaven and I think he misses them. We all miss your hugs and squeezes.


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