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Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory

Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Family Reunion Weekend...So Amazing!!

This has been a packed weekend full of hello's, smiles, tears, and laughter. A reunion that has been such a blessing to me and my family in so many ways. When Sierra was diagnosed with cancer we became a part of the Children's Cancer Center ( and met so many other families walking the same path as us. This isn't a club you want to be a part of but so blessed to be a part of during the many ups and downs of childhood cancer. We became each others main support...we became family. The hard part was when a child dies than the family goes to the bereavement group...which is understandable because the bereavement group families understand the loss of a child and all the emotions that come with it but at the same time...I mourned the loss of seeing my main support when I needed them most. I still kept in touch with email, occasional outings and phone calls...but I missed them so much. On Thursday, Christie (Jimmy's mom) and I went to the Children's Cancer Center for a Thanksgiving meal and to support our little bud Angelo ( who was this years Badge Bowl hero ( It was like old times and seeing our families in a familiar setting that became our home away from home. It was amazing and I cherished every moment I was there. Christie and I spoke the next day and we both talked about how for the first time since our children died we woke up happy and energized. This was so needed and I thank our friends the Cerchiones and the Children's Cancer Center for inviting us. The next evening we went to the Tampa Bay Fights Cancer Night put on by the Steve Yerrid Foundation at the Tampa Bay Lightning Game. It was so much fun. I had a moment there because on the screen they showed the images of the children with cancer and I saw Sierra on the screen. I cried and it was emotional for me but I was so honored that Sierra was up honored she was remembered. That is so important to me that she be remembered...I know my family and I will never forget her and it is my job now to keep her memory alive and be a voice for childhood cancer. Thank you Mr. Yerrid for an amazing evening. On Saturday night was the Badge Bowl. I was so happy for Angelo (Sierra called him Gelo) and his family. This family has become family to us in so many ways. Katie and I became best friends and we both know that we are there for each other for anything. They deserve all the best and I am so thankful that this evening was for them. The police and the firemen had a flag football game in Angelo's honor. The police won so now they have bragging rights. It was so cold though...yup it does get cold in Florida but all in all an amazing event. Today...we are going to a birthday party for Carlee. Happy Birthday Miss Carlee...we love you. So another day of being with people who mean so much to us. Carlee is in remission and doing so well...thank you God.

Thank you God so much for my fellow cancer families...near and far. We do share a bond and even though it is a club no one wants to belong is a club where the members become family...truly caring and loving each other. I thank you God for each and every one of them and pray blessings upon them all. You brought us together and for that I am truly blessed.


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