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Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory

Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory
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Monday, December 1, 2008

Eye...Eye...Eye!!! is the update on my son's appointment with the Neuro-Opthamologist...he wants him to get another MRI. Dano had an MRI in 2007 ordered by the Cardiologist to make sure that the headaches he gets are indeed migraines. Why the Cardiologist? Well, he has a small hole in his heart and for some reason they can be linked to close up the hole and migraines are gone. No masses or anything funky was found...thank God!! He also did not need to get the hole closed up either (they did an exploratory type of surgery). A few months later, the Optometrist found that his optic nerves were swollen but since there was an MRI there was no concern...yet. Fast forward to his followup appointment a year later with the Optometrist and optic nerves were still found to be we got a referral to see the Neuro-Opthamologist. He thinks everything is fine...headaches don't come as often...eyes don't blur...and he can see his colors. Great!! They asked him if he ever sees double to which he replied yes. So...I start freaking out inside...the doctor asked him when does he see my son says when he does this...(this being when he crosses his eyes...oh and he wasn't trying to be funny). So...thankfully no double vision. Anyway...the doctor says as a doctor he doesn't see a need for another MRI but as a parent he thinks we should do one (what does that mean?). I was sent to the diagnostic place in hope that they would do it today but they weren't able to and we have to wait till next Tuesday at 6pm!!! sucks!!!

Please...pray for it to be all clear again!!!

Thanks & God bless you all!!!


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