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Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory
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Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Don't Know How I Will Do This...But I Have To

Well...after a weekend with my nephew and nieces they are now on their way back home. Back to reality for them and appointments for Dano and I. The house will be a little more quiet...thank God for Rocco!!

We put up the tree tonite. We always had a real tree but when Sierra got leukemia (to keep mold away) we got a pre-lit artificial tree. It is pretty big and very pretty. I started digging through the decorations and I braced myself on what I would find. I found a snowflake decoration with Sierra's picture on it. I don't remember having this decoration. Was it always there? and now I notice it? Not sure, but it is the most special to me and it is the first and only decoration on the tree right now. We didn't finish decorating it...just got too I guess we will decorate little by little. In her stocking I found a lip balm I bought her. Her lips always got dried so I would put lip balm so it wouldn't bother her.

Sierra loved Christmas. She was so excited decorating the tree and kept saying "Mommy, chwismas...chwismas!!!. We laughed because she would put anything on the tree as a decoration...a popsicle stick, a name it...Sierra would place it so lovingly on the tree. Who knew that would be our last Christmas together here on earth?!!! I wish so much to go back to last Christmas but I can't...cancer cannot take away the memories and it will always be the most cherished Christmas memory for me. I hope that "Sierra's Stocking" will be successful and full of blessings for the families and kids. Of will help us to get through this difficult time as well.

Danny saw me crying and well as my husband he gets frustrated because he can't take my pain away. I told him though that is not his job. We have to face this pain. It will always hurt but somehow it will get easier. I know it will...I pray he will come to that realization to.

I was reading a blog today about these children with cancer from St. Jude's appearing on the Today Show. It was a way for them to bring awareness to pediatric cancer. Well...they were not allowed in the green room because Barry Manilow did not want to share the green room with them. I am not sure if he realized that these were kids with cancer but because of that the kids had to go to Rockefeller Center and wait there. The people at the Today Show (the behind the scenes people) were also pretty rude as well. It broke my heart to hear this story.

I plan to write a letter to the Today Show (not sure if it will make a difference) or send an email. Maybe we all can. I think if more than one person writes to them about what happened...maybe they can pay attention...and treat these kids with the respect they so truly deserve. If you want to read what is the post: or I think it will bother you as well.

We live in a world where everyone wants to be politically correct and raise money for causes like "Save the Manatee," there are lots of messages about"Going Green," and there are now commercials where they don't want you to say something is "gay" because it is offensive. Yet it is okay to say the word "retarded" and okay to treat children with cancer as if they were an inconvenience. It is good to want to conserve energy and take care of our planet, it is good not to discriminate, it is good to be a voice for abused animals but what about the kids?!! What about all the kids dying of cancer because there is hardly any research or funding? Let's spread the wealth, give equal rights to all causes, and treat these kids with the love and respect they deserve more than any celebrity or athlete. To me they are more heroic than any action hero, movie star, singer or athlete. They are the real heroes.

Well...enough of my has been a long and hard day. Forgive me and I hope my next post will be more cheerful.

God bless you all!!
PS: I just received from Major Cornell at Manilow's address:

Mr. Barry Manilow
P.O. Box 45378
Los Angeles, CA 90045

There should be an address for the Today Show on their website.


Tracy Solomon said...

Mary Lynn, I didn't know you had this blog. I just moved mine over to bogspot as well. How upsetting to read about the kids being shuffled around, wow!

I so often think about your sweet Sierra and your family. I imagine many are the same as me.

I pray for your family.

Love, Tracy

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