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Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory

Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sierra's Songs

I wanted to write about why I have these songs playing on Sierra's site. They each have a special meaning:

How To Save A Life - Sierra loved that song and sang it so cute instead of "How to save a life" she would instead say "How to save a lice." I would laugh everytime she would sing it.

You'll Be In My Heart - This song came out about the time that Sierra was a baby. One part of it says "I know we're different but deep inside us, we're not that different at all." Having Downs, most people see her as different but in my heart she was the same as you and I...well she is the same. All people of special needs are the same and should never be treated different. This song spoke to me on so many levels and I had it played on her montage at her service.

No Air - When Sierra died I felt like someone strangled me. I could not breathe. It hurt to try and catch my breath. Sometimes I still get this way. This song says it all.

Bye Bye - No explanation needed really but I never did say Bye, I did tell her I would see her again soon.

Ooh Child - This was our ride to the clinic...we are going to beat this cancer song. She loved that song.

I Can Only Imagine - One of her favorite songs to sing at church. Our worship leader Chris sang it beautifully at Sierra's service.

God of Wonders - Another of her favorite church songs and another song sung by Chris at her service.

Mary's Prayer - An old 80's song. Sierra and I at the hospital would be on You Tube a lot...a lot. Sierra loved that song and sang it to me. Funny, I think she thought it was about me. I know she was an answer to my prayers.

Set Adrift on Memory Bliss - Well to think of my memories of Sierra is blissfull and will always be (except for her last days which hurts my heart so much).

I Would Die 4 U & The Most Beautiful Girl - My kids share my love for Prince (a music genius) and Sierra loved I Would Die 4 U (honestly I would have taken her place if I could) and the Most Beautiful Girl is self explanatory Sierra is beautiful inside and out.

Together Again - I know when I see her again and I will it will be for all eternity and I will never have to let her go again.

Stomp, Hero, and My Life, My Love, My All - It's Kirk Franklin, he is upbeat and inspirational and she did love Stomp!!

With You - Sierra was a big fan of Chris Brown and she loved singing this song and of course I need my boo (my baby girl).

Rainbow Connection - For some strange reason that only God knows this song kept entering my head the last few days of Sierra's life. There is a part of this song that say "...and have you heard voices, I heard them calling my name." That line has two meanings, on her last day of life we were calling Sierra's name to her and when we did her oxygen level would go up (she heard us, thank God for that) and I picture the voices of loved ones gone on before us and angels calling her by name to come home and enter the arms of her Creator where cancer can NEVER hurt her again.

There are more special songs that she loves and means so much to her. Sierra loved music just like me and it was a big part of her life. I picture her singing and dancing so free on the streets of gold and it makes me smile. I may add more songs but for the most part this is why these songs are on her playlist.

I am going to keep updating on Caringbridge as well as this blog. I got emails that people are having trouble posting a message on this blog. You have to sign up but it is free and you don't get junk mail from them but it is easier to post a message on caringbridge. So, I will just copy and paste my messages on this blog to caringbridge as well and see how that goes.

I hope all is well with all of you and may God bless you all!!


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