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Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory

Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory
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Monday, September 1, 2008

Please Remember, It's September!!

We have a month and we have a day (September 13th). Let's take this time to remember our warriors. There are so many with all types of cancers. Some in Heaven, some fighting and some thank God off treatment. Do it in the memories of the ones who won their battle in Heaven, do it for the ones currently fighting this demon, and do it for the ones off treatment (the fear never leaves). Yes, I am asking for your part to be a voice to these precious lives that were not being heard for so long. Do it in Sierra's memory. Wear the shirts, donate your time and your money (it really doesn't have to be a lot. Remember, a little goes a long way to make a difference. All I want is for a parent to never ever have to see their child pass away from cancer anymore. It is the most heartbreaking event and I will do all I can to never see that again for me or any mom and dad. Please, do your part. I know I will do mine in my baby girl's memory. I know she would want me to do it.

Join or donate to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation (www.fastercure.come) Cure Kids Cancer Challenge.

Wear jeans to donate to the Children's Cancer Center (

If you would like to order the shirts go to

There are so many ways to give. I have a lot of organizations listed on this site. So, many websites of warriors that you can send an uplifting message to. So many ways to show you care. God bless you all!!!


Anissa Mayhew said...

Be strong, MaryLynn.

I cant imagine how hard it's going to be on your to see Sierra's name on the angel list this year, as we all push harder to raise awareness and promote childhood cancer month.

Just know that her memory and her sweet face will be driving us all harder.

You sure inspire us.

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