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Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory

Tree Planted in Sierra's Memory
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Friday, December 26, 2008

We Got Through

I was not looking forward at all to Christmas this year and my shopping was done in a foglike haze...just wanted to get in, get out and get on with my life. We spent part of Christmas Eve with Danny's cousins. This is the Italian side of the family and they make all kinds of seafood & pasta. My husband thoroughly enjoys this. Afterwards...we got ready to head out to Orlando. We spent Christmas Eve with my nephew and nieces who spent most of the night awake and kept me awake. I got through that night and thought back on our past Christmases. Christmas 2005 was spent wondering what was wrong with Sierra...she was so sick and we found out 3 days later she had Leukemia. Christmas 2006...I just don't remember if we were home or in the hospital. It is so wierd that I can't remember. Christmas 2007 was awesome...Sierra was healthy and it was so much fun watching her. She was so excited to receive new hand towels. She got a lot more but the towels were the best to her. This year was our first without her. It was hard to think about but I made myself not think and we all got through it. Christmas morning was tough for my mom but she also did amazingly well. We opened gifts and even laughed a little. We ate a great meal at my cousin Jeanette's house and of course more gifts to be opened. We got home and went over our friends/neighbor's house Lisa & Jesse and had a great time there to. I was so tired...a little too I ended up watching part of Rocky I and part of Rocky II and then fell asleep. All in all not too bad. Thank you God for your strength to get through...we did. New Years will be spent sleeping most likely. I have no desire to go anywhere. How do I feel about 2008? It started well and ended up bad. Now all my 'new' years will be spent without my daughter's physical presence and that sucks to sum it really does. You have to live with hope and I do...I have hope for better days...better years...and more time to cherish those I love. I am not sure how this year will be but in the end God is in control. This is a new year for a lot of changes and the biggest one is Obama will be our new President. Many people are happy about this...and many not so happy. I wonder if he feels pressure because so many of his voters are placing all their faith in him to make some pretty big changes in our country? I would if I was him. I feel for him...he is only human and will not be able to make everyone happy. I plan to place my faith in God and let him control all aspects of my life and even those that affect my country. I will be keeping our President in my prayers and hope you will to...even if he was not who you voted for...he will need our prayers. Will this year answer the decision to adopt a baby? Well...that will be in God's hands to. He will make a way if it is meant to be.

I pray all of you had a wonderful Christmas and if I don't post beforehand...have a wonderful and safe New Years. God bless you all and thank you for stopping by and checking in on us.


Mum said...

You were in my thoughts yesterday and I'm glad that you made it through and managed to smile now and then. I hope that 2009 is a little easier, more peaceful and that day by day you find the strength to start living and laughing again.
Sierra ... we love you.
Merry Christmas baby.

Heide said...

Good afternoon. I tried to find a place to comment under the post, but could only find this one. I just wanted to tell you that I really loved the "I Wish" poem you wrote. Very touching. Thank you for sharing it.

Thanks for your support of Team Unite, as well!!

Keeping ^Sierra^ and your entire family in my thoughts and prayers.

m/o ^Jessica^ (forever 17)

Joanne said...

Hi Mary Lynn - just catching up on everyone's blogs/CB's...I've been so busy with work that I haven't checked sites in quite some time...but I never stop thinking about you and what you are going through. Please know you are in my prayers. love you!

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